What you know about being in a car
Turn around ya best mates sticking needles in his arm
We were really young when we started dealing drugs
Didn’t think it turn us into the people that we are
Only people ever call me is a customer
I keep this pain inside me I’m a smuggler
She probly fuckin other guys, why am I in love with her
That pussys gold like midas has been touching her
Pipes I’m passing her. Some tides is hard to turn
She gonna feel it in a second like some carpet burn
Having nightmares about my father’s urn
Or when I put mandle in the ground from that fuckin hearse
Sometimes its hard to talk it
Forget about it like our last abortion
My mums alive my brothers isn’t. Kinda fuckin awkward
I keep taking shit from him and its not extortion
As for me? In debt to a tonne of friends
As for why? I’m addicted to these drugs again
Its embarrassing, disgusting and its worrying
I don’t wanna have to talk to counsellors and mum again
I don’t wanna get that look from my brothers friends
Thinking that ‘he did it again?’ They left me stuttering
Still get pissed when I think of exes with another dick
Try to call my girl up but she don’t answer it just fuckin rings
Wonder why I’m up all night?
Why I love puffin pipes?
I ain’t on filling the fridge when I be touching ice
Disgusting right. The things I do for something white
Sober for the first time in months now I’m just numb and cry
Playing all of the songs I made when I was fuckin high
Think about my father, I can’t look into my mother’s eyes
Thinking bout my drug supply
Lookin at my best friends tellen them a bunch of lies
Like I ain’t Doin much na I ain’t using much
I’ll be in the studio Doin some computer stuff
Said that I ain’t Doin much we all know that I’m Doin drugs
Lifes got me lying then flying like its a lugeing kart
Smoke clouds everywhere this ain’t no huka bar
Aim my shotty at the sky wish that I could shoot a star
All this magic eraser I’ve been using up
And still can’t clearly, its foggy and the view is smudged
Most my friends been Doin twice as bad as I been Doin
Sick of fighting over tic its not a Nike union
Feeling slightly human. All the pipes I’m using
More suicidal now than when I was making diamonds music
I’ve been telling massive lies. Told my FAM I’ve been
Clean since mandle dies. All the dole money that I sacrificed
Just so I could pack a pipe get higher than a satellite
Coz friends turn their back when the blame matters
Starting to understand why kerser got his face tatted
The way we ate zaneys surprised we ain’t got brain damage
Life Rollin by fast it ain’t a train carriage
Don’t have to say much to get ya membrane splattered
Cops ask questions we eshay that shit
They don’t worry me but I’ll say I hate faggots
Just to get reaction get you passionate like gay marriage
I put my heart on the page, let you see the riv
Don’t have you is arching for shit, there ain’t no easter egg
Everything I always did, seen or sore or said
Living through my music I can hear the beat is breathin air
Everyday you wake up you should be prepared
You ain’t no one you could get sliced like its a pizza shared
I swear I od’d and never sore no Jesus there
Just mandle lookin up at me like
‘Come to hell there’s heaps of gear’


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