People Want Me To Lose

People Want Me To Lose
Its funny people say that ive changed

Ironic we were smoking weed up in the fire escape

You gotta eye ya mates, they all might be snakes

You’d be surprised what man do for some minor gains

You’d be surprised what pride does when its combined with shame

I seen a man swear on his life while tellin lies its fake

A man would lie to his kids to get some ice to take

I used to be the guy to take the lie and sell the ice to take

Used to do some thjings I know would make my dad ashamed

Did some things that made me unproud to take my daddys name

Used to steal from school, used to lie in church

It used to feel so good when id liie to girls

Used to Only hit it once n then id hide from her

Easy enough for me to stretch em like they nike shirts

Why’d I be that guy? Why’d I lead the life?

I cant work a 9 to 5 I’ll sell three for five




People want me to lose, people want me to die

People want me to fall they don’t me to thrive

They don’t walk in my shoes, they cant see what its like

People want me to fall they don’t want me alive X2




I remember sittin in the class room it was only past 2

Wishin I could pass thru

Only kid getting money made the grass grew

Id deal to everybody everybody in the class knew

If you aint down I aint knockin ya

It was my only way to be popular

Had my scales they were waitin in my locker brah

If I coulda had it my way id be a soccer star

Or a tennis player, not seein hezza weighin

Sick of waitin for my dealer when my dealers never patient

Real sick of that weird look I get from strangers

Like they see my tats and pray to god wer’re never neighbours

I aint scared of death, I know the devils waitin

Shit he’s probably in the mirror like my medication

Laughin at the shit im takin, like it wont be long

Til he’s sitting here with Mandle and they’re smoking bongs


You aint never hear me whinge when my grandad died

You aint never hear me bitch when my nana died

What was I meant to say, knew I had to ride

Im the last seed that’s remaining on my daddys side

You aint know about the pain I kept it trapped inside

Faked a smile had you thinkin it’s a happy life

But its never happy non fictions its just facts of mine

All you saw was the actin was a pantomime

Don’t get it wrong cuz im smart with the hooks

My life is visual Viagra its as hard as it looks

They used to laugh at school if I come to class with my books

Until id take their lunch money I was starvingly crook

They used to try n take my shoes like they goin bowlin

They were kinda stunned when I fought the bully stone cold him

Point of the story is, don’t be ignored jus cuz

You think that youre different we are all just as glorious


If you lost in the weed cloud, all you gotta do is reach out

I was swimming in the deep how, didn’t know I had to reach out

I was lost in that weed cloud, didn’t know I had to reach out

I was swimming in the deep now, all I gotta do is reach out