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“Now if you have sensitive ears and can’t see the humour in things like scat porn, it’s probably safer to leave this be… It would however be your loss….”
Written by Shane Scott for

“Dribbles vs. Mike Pipes bouts were showcases of the kind of skill boasted by MC’s in the scene today…”
Written by Frances Vinall for Ozhiphopshop

“Dribbles’ audience participation tactics saw him take out the previously undefeated Mike Pipes,
the tightness of the matches saw all participants leave with their pride intact.”
Written by Frances Vinall for Ozhiphopshop

“…well-respected and well-established MCs Dribbles and Fluence…two of the top 10 battle
rappers in the country”
Written by Frances Vinall for Ozhiphopshop

“Mandle & Dribbles…these two are some of the rawest rappers you’ll see around…”
Written by T. May for

“…the future of hardcore rap in this country, pumping out brash, aggressive lyrics over tight
beats. It’s not for the faint hearted but is really well put together and definitely unique. ”
Written by Shane Scott for

“It’s brash, it’s rude, it’s politically incorrect and it’s all that’s good about hardcore hip hop. Do not sleep on the future of rugged beats and rhymes”
Written by Shane Scott for

“Dribbles’ delivery can best be likened to scraping your ears off with a cheese grater. Brutal and abrasive yet imbued with character, his presence on the mic leaves you hanging off each line.”
Written by Meg for

“Slick with the pen, storytelling is excellent and some quotable lines in here, multi’s are as clean as can be. Dribbles been out here for a minute.”

Written by Off The Clef


Dribbles, a member of the now-defunct ‘Madizm,’ a member of ‘Street Life Descendant’s,’ and a solo Hip Hop Artist has been cleverly creating his own version of modern day satire since he began Emceeing in late 2004.

Dribbles, often known as Big River – undefeated in his time as a battle rapper – blends satire and Hip Hop to deliver with soul, passion and intensity. Once described as “so offensive that it is not offensive,” and also the “Australian version of Ol’ Dirty Bastard.” Dribbles deftly uses his wordplay to intermingle differing styles of satire, embracing the use of irony, sarcasm, wit, parody, juxtaposition, exaggeration, and yet at the same time, speaking from the heart in a way that many can relate to.

Dribbles has released a Vinyl single, a Mixtape, 5 digital releases and 2 albums available on CD – all up that’s over 130 songs released in his career.

Dribbles joined ‘Madizm’ alongside Judz, Mandle, Nikko KS and Planz. The quality and consistency of tracks between Dribbles & Mandle solidified their working relationship and the the duo went on to perform a few small gigs and many collaborative works, including the single “When You See Us” released on vinyl by Mass Mc on DoubleBeef Records. Mandle tragically passed away in 2011 and his death led to the demise of Madizm and left a long lasting impact on Dribbles – which is evident, not only in his music, but also in his personal life and battle with drug addictions.

Dribbles continued with his solo career, with the independant release titled ‘First World Problems’ in 2013 whilst also joining the Western Australian “supergroup” Street Life Descendant’s with members that include Beni B.J.A.H, Beside, Big Moggo, Bitter Belief, Chile Chillz, Complete, Cortex, D-Loc, Dex, Dista, Dynasty, MX Axis, Mr. Grevis, Ness, Relevance, Verdikt and Xzakt. Street Life Descendant’s have performed as support acts for Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony and Cypress Hill.

First World Problems features the single of the same name, as well as the popular hit ‘My Diamonds,’ which has an accompanying video filmed & edited by Rory Highside. My Diamonds was also released on Itunes and Spotify.

In his 10+ year career, Dribbles has collaborated with Andradi, Bamboo MC, Cheap Sober, Chevy Levett, Complete, Damo, Dista, Double D, Filthy Fil, Fluence, Havok, Ideas, Kerser, Kirsty, Mandle, Mike Hunt, Mikey Banks, Okwerdz, Omac, Porsah Laine, Real Deal, Reejay, Stannard, Tavern Slander, Tornts, Web Three, Willis, Wordsmyff and Zhane White.


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